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Firearms Training, Education, and Certification



Maryland Handgun Qualification License

Class consists of 4-hours in classroom instruction with approximately 30 minutes of range time. Classroom instruction will focus on the following: Application Process, State Firearm Law, Home Firearm Safety, and Handgun Mechanisms/Operations. Students will receive their required HQL training certificate.

MD Wear & Carry

Maryland Handgun Wear & Carry Permit

Class consists of 16-hours in classroom instruction with approximately 2-hour of range time. Instruction will ensure students are equipped with the technical skill, familiarity, and right mentality required to carry your handgun in self-defense. Students will be certified to apply for their Maryland Wear & Carry permit upon completion of the course.

Pistol Basics

Basic Pistol Fundamentals Training Course

Class consists of 8-hours in classroom instruction with approximately 1-hour of range time. Instruction will provide the students with a solid foundation in using your pistol to include: Pistol Components, Firearm Safety, Principles of Shooting, Pistol Maintenance/Cleaning, and all HQL courses. Maryland students will receive their required HQL training certificate.

Shooting Practice


Fortitude Tactical Group was founded with one thing in mind: “Protection to the People." Our Passion, Integrity and Excellence allows us to earn the respect, confidence and trust of our community


Through a personalized approach, our vision is to positively introduce our community to firearms for home defense, personal protection and recreational activities. Also, inspire others to increase the much needed black community presence within the firearms industry


Our Teammates and Instructors have been vetted and proven to possess our values, skills, and experiences required to deliver the essential information expected by the community we serve.


"I will definitely come back for more training. I feel more comfortable because I went through your class."

Q. Lee


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